Property Surveys KentIf you are planning on Buying a Home this year then make sure you arrange a Survey of that property.

If you getting a Mortgage your lender will require you to pay for a Mortgage Valuation Report – This is not a survey it is for the lenders benefit and many of these Valuation reports are Desktop based with (Automated valuation Models) AVM ie a computer-based calculation, or are a drive-by visit to make sure the property is there or if a Valuer does visit the walk around is done in 20 minutes.

Getting a minimum of a HOMEBUYERS CONDITION SURVEY is essential, as you are about to spend a significant level of money – don’t you want to be sure and have it checked over by a Surveyor who will photograph as much as possible and produce a report many pages long that informs you of the good the bad and the hopefully not ugly so that you are forewarned with any issues you may not have seen on a brief viewing or give a clean bill of health were required in which case you get peace of mind!

Either way the cost of a surveyors report is money well spent.

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