home-buyers-report2Types of Kent Property Building Surveys Available

There are Three main types of Property Building Survey in Kent that you can have.

  1. Condition Report
  2. MiHome Buyers Condition Survey
  3. MiBuilding Survey

 Condition Report

The most basic of the three, this report is primarily a snapshot of how a property is, Maybe prior to building works being carried out or Party Wall Works, so cracks/defects ( or lack of) in a specific area or a property is recorded to protect in case of any other work causes damage you have a  starting point to refer to.

 MiHome Buyers Condition Survey  *** ( Most Popular Option)

A general survey of a home, including any visible defects or issues. If the property to be surveyed is of standard construction and was built after 1870, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recommends that the Home Buyer Condition Survey is usually the best choice. The report is delivered in a standardised format for easy reference. You can also have the Rebuild cost of the property worked out too to so you can make sure that you get the right amount of Building cover and not pay too much for a policy that is too high nor get a policy that is too low leaving you underinsured.

We also offer a Mi Buy to Let Survey ideal for property investors – it encompasses all that the home Buer Survey has Plus it has an additional report covering the 29 points of the HHSRS to help you make sure your property is fit for the tenants welfare helping you to become a responsible professional landlord.

 MiBuilding Survey

A more in-depth survey of a property, including all accessible areas of a home. RICS recommend the building survey for older properties or those of non-standard construction. Building survey reports are tailored by the individual surveyor, and can address any additional questions or concerns. Ideal if your property is Very Old, Very Unusual, Listed or Over £1 million

Valuation is Not a survey 
Condition Survey 
Help you make a reasoned and informed decision
as to whether to proceed, reconsider or renegotiate on the purchase
Is only for the lenders benefit
tick_green tick_green
Identify potential problems
such as any repairs or replacements the property needs including inspecting roofs, chimneys and other surfaces on the outside of the building from ground level
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Can help you negotiate a better property price
Where problems are discovered or a lower valuation is given, buyers are enabled to negotiate a lower buying price
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Show traffic light ratings
which give you a green/amber/red condition of your property in an easy to understand format
Prepare you
for potential costly repairs after you move in
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Completed by a Qualified Surveyor
All Surveyors are fully qualified and highly experienced and Independent meaning you get a truthful Survey with now other agenda than giving you the information you need to know. Surveyors are Members of RiCS, and RPSA
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Independent valuation
gives you a professional valuation of the property, helping prevent you from paying too much for the property
Optional Optional
Exhaustive report
a more in depth survey on construction, issues and defects
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Appropriate for all properties
a suitable survey, irrespective of age, construction type, condition and level of modification
Highlights urgent issues
Reports on any defects needing urgent attention
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On-going maintenance
Professional recommendations on repairs and maintenance
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Building reinstatement Costs
Included for insurance purposes
Optional Optional
Appropriate for standard property types
Suitable for properties built later than 1870 of standard construction (brick and tile)
Appropriate for unusual property types
Suitable for a older, unusual constructed or extensively modified properties(e.g. extended) or those in need of modernisation
Advice for your Solicitor
Observations that may impact the legal title investigation conducted by your solicitor.
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