In  recent survey people decided to purchase their home after just 27 Minutes on average ? with those in the South East taking just 26 minutes.

The research, from property website Zoopla, found the typical decision to buy a home when viewing it in person takes 27 minutes – around the same length of time as an episode of Coronation Street.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of home owners surveyed said they knew the property was right for them in 10 minutes or less.

So after just 26/7 minutes did you get to check everything in the house to make sure all is OK ?

Perhaps the HomeBuyers Report is even more important to ensure your dream purchase does not have anything scary that will come back to bite you

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26 Minutes to buy a Home
On average a buyer spends 26 minutes in the Southeast viewing a home before agreeing to buy it - Get a Homebuyer Report to Ensure you dream home is just that