Home Buyers Survey

When purchasing a property in Kent it is advisable to have a Home buyers Survey carried out in accordance with RICS rules and advice.

Below show what this Home Buyer Report covers and whats involved

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HomeBuyer’s report
  • More detailed than a condition report
  • Highlights problems, such as damp and subsidence
  • Includes advice on necessary repairs and ongoing maintenance
  • Points out anything that doesn’t meet current building regulations
  • Non-intrusive – the surveyor will not look behind furniture or under floorboards, so they’ll only be able to identify ‘surface-level’ problems
  • Includes a market valuation and rebuild cost
  • Takes around two to four hours to complete
The most popular type of survey, and the standard choice for most properties that are in a reasonable condition.

If you’re buying an unusual or period property, or one that requires significant renovation, it’s best to upgrade to a building survey.